What is prefix?
  • Prefix is a string which helps Formas identify the character you want to trigger.

  • When you are running any commands and you are asked for prefix provide the prefix without exclamation mark !

  • When you are trying to trigger the bot use exclamation mark !prefix <prompt>


  • ! -> this tells Formas that you are trying to trigger a character

  • prefix -> this tells Formas which character you want to trigger

  • !prefix -> this together is called trigger command

Why is character not replying?

Check all of the following conditions and if the character is still not replying developer at support server.

  1. You are not using correct prefix

    Make sure you are using correct prefix, the format of it is !prefix followed by prompt. Prefix should be replace with prefix you chose.

  2. You are not providing any prompt

    Make sure you are providing prompt after the prefix.

  3. Formas is not able to view the channel

    If you are able to run the command, that doesn't mean Formas is able to view the channel. If necessary, set View Channel permission specially for Formas itself in the channel permission settings.

  4. Formas is not able to create/view webhooks

    Specifically set Manage Webhooks permission for Formas in channel permission settings.

Why can't I name it Clyde?

Discord restricts Clyde username. If you are so keen to use the name clyde you can try C L Y D E.

How to create a character from my fantasy world?

Define how you want your character to be in character argument which can be found in /create character and /update character.

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